Bungalow Every Age

Bungalow Every Age
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Wir freuen uns, daß Sie bei B(u)B Ihr Haus gefunden haben.

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View to Atrium
View to Atrium
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Area net: 61 to 180m | Plot: Predominantly flat | Floors: One floor | Characteristics: reduced + simple


Amount of floors: 1

Built-up area 166 m²

Building Area Net total: 130 m² (without Garage)
Building Area Gros total: 166 m²

Project detail

Bungalow Every Age – an affordable flat-roofed building, suitable for people every age and of course barrier-free.
The layout is simple and well-arranged. Next to the entrance a guest unit with bathroom is located. An interposed courtyard represents a central and formal element in the villa’s layout.

The courtyard stays open at one side and connects the garden to the terrace. This courtyard divides the floorplan in a private and intimate part (Bedrooms) and an open plan area, where kitchen, dining and living is located.
The rounded wall element of the office space opens the entrance area and creates an interesting dynamic. The garage is connected to the main building with a wooden pergola.

Level 00:
Entrance | Guest unit | Bedroom and Sanitary | Office | Kitchen| Dining Living

Planned location: Burgenland AUT





Architektin Daniela Filipovits-Flasch


Floorplan Level 00
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Elevation 01
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Elevation 02
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Elevation 03
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