Frequently asked questions

What can I buy at B(u)B?

You can buy plans of single-family homes, designed by top-architects.
Our primary product is the planning permission plan.
But we offer as well various other products, such as design booklets for your inspiration, models built to scale by professional modelmakers or 3D images of a selected B(u)B home, placed on your construction site.
Plus we provide free cost estimates, so you know exactly which various additional costs you will have to think about during the construction of your house.

Which products are available?

A product-box attached to each project shows you the range of available products per house.
The full range of available products contains:
Product nr. A|01DESIGN BOOKLET | PDF File
Product nr. A|02 DESIGN BOOKLET | Blueprint
Product nr. A|04 INSPECTION PLAN PRINT | Blueprint
Product nr. A|05 PLANNING PERMISSION PLAN (editable) | Blueprint + digital
Product nr. A|06 COST ESTIMATE | Individualisation of plan by BEST(un)BUILT
Product nr. A|07 COST ESTIMATE | Individualisation of plan + Construction by original architects
Product nr. A|08 COST ESTIMATE | Energy Performance Certificate (for Austria only)
Product nr. A|09 COST ESTIMATE | Structural analysis (for Austria only)

How much does B(u)B cost?

Getting informed, inspired and visiting our home plan collection is for free. The same applies to access to our partner network. 

Who is B(u)B?

The B(u)B core team is comprised of architects.

Which services does B(u)B offer?

Our services include: Consulting | Individualisation of Plans | Territory Protection | Translation of Documents | Energy Performance Certificate and Building Physics | External Service: Structural Analysis.

Service: Consulting?

Building your own home raises countless questions – benefit from our expertise.
An initial consultation via email or phone is free. For additional consulting services, we charge 100 Euro incl. VAT / hour. We are happy to meet you as well face-to-face. 

Service: Individualisation of plans?

This service applies to Product nr. A|04 INSPECTION PLAN PRINT and nr. A|05 PLANNING PERMISSION PLAN (editable) only.
Our houses have been developed by architects for a particular situation. Building the house on your site will possibly require a few adaptations.
We gladly perform these adaptations for you. We evaluate the costs for the adaptations through our free cost estimates, available with the product-boxes attached to each project.

Service: Territory Protection?

If you want to make sure that nobody in your neighbourhood will build a house with the same or similar concept basics as yours, you can buy a kilometre-related territory protection. This means your B(u)B project cannot be built by anyone else in the defined radius.
Cost for Territory Protection is based on the desired radius and the price of the planning. We will agree on an all-inclusive price for the desired radius in advance.

Service: Translation of Documents?

All B(u)B products can be translated on demand. We speak the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Romanian, Czech and Hungarian. We will agree on an all-inclusive price in advance.

Service: Energy Performance Certificate and Building Physics?

For obtaining the building license, you will also need documents from a building physicist such as an Energy Performance Certificate. Your building authority will tell you exactly which documents you need. We can create those on demand. We evaluate the costs for this service through our free cost estimates, available in the product-boxes attached to each project. (This service is currently only available in Austria.)

External Service: Structural Analysis?

In some states in Austria you will also need documents such as a structural analysis for obtaining the building license.
The building authority will tell you which documents to submit. We do not provide structural analyses, but our partner network provides us with experienced structural engineers.
We evaluate the costs for this service via our free cost estimates, available in the product-boxes attached to each project. (This service is currently only available in Austria.)

Can I contact B(u)B directly?

Per phone and email. +43.699.15055 299 and office(at)best-un-built.com

When can I reach B(u)B?

We can be reached by phone: Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm

Can I meet B(u)B in person?

Yes, just arrange an appointment.

Where is B(u)B located at?

The head office is in Neusiedl am See, Burgenland, Austria.
That’s where our creative workshop is located. Our conference rooms are in Vienna, Austria.
Our local partner builders can give you information about our homes in many other places throughout Austria.

How much do B(u)B products cost?

The price for each product is listed in the product-boxes attached to each project.
In general: Some products have fixed prices valid for all homes, others depend on the specific project.

How are product prices calculated?

Our calculation:
Planning costs (*) of the architect MINUS simplification of process = B(u)B sales price base (up to minus 70% conventional of planning costs).
All B(u)B product prices are based upon this B(u)B sales price base.

How much money do I save with B(u)B?

Buying our plan products saves you up to 70% of planning costs, based on an individual assignment of an architect.

How much time do I save with B(u)B?

A lot.
The duration of a single-family home design process varies and often takes up to one year or even longer.

I am a developer/builder. Can I use B(u)B’s services?

Our online product range exclusively addresses private clients, our terms and conditions do not allow commercial utilisation.
But we are continuously looking for competent partner builders.
Please contact us directly with your request.

What is the DESIGN BOOKLET Product nr. A|01 and A|02?

A complete booklet showing plans and designs of a selected house.
Beautifully arranged, you see 3D images and/or model images | all relevant floorplans and at least one section plan, scale 1:200 | project descriptions | area calculations per level | rough cost estimate per level | basic data on building structure.
What for? To collect, discuss, and as a source of inspiration for your dream home. 

What is the INSPECTION PLAN PRINT Product nr. A|04?

Clarify with your partner and family, architect/builder and building authorities what kind of adaptations the project will require for you.
One large-sized plan including all relevant floorplans and sections, as well as four elevations of the selected house, scale 1:100. All plans are dimensioned and additionally show the following information: M² details per level / room descriptions and room heights / building heights – relating to entrance level / suggested surfaces and front materials, roofing and flooring.
What for? As the basis for discussions at home and for talks with your architect/builder and your local building authorities.

What is the PLANNING PERMISSION PLAN Product nr. A|05?

THE plan needed to obtain your building permission.
The large B(u)B construction permit plan contains all data and information required for a planning permission plan (in Austria) . Header | site plan scale 1:200 | floorplans, sections, elevations scale 1:100 | list of component (description of all basic building components) | plan captions | all components are shown in standard material colours.
What for? Not yet individualised: for adaptation and completion by architect/builder of your choice. 
Individualised: for application of building permission at your local building authorities

How much do B(u)B’s services cost?

All services are offered on an all-inclusive price, pre-agreed.

Does the project belong to me upon purchase?

But when buying PLANNING PERMISSION PLAN product nr. A|05, you receive the right of use to build the project one-time and for private use only. (Read more in our General Terms and Conditions)

I do not want anyone else to build a house with the same plans. What can I do?

B(u)B’s principle is the multi-sale of plans.
That’s why you can benefit from our low prices. You do however have the opportunity to purchase territory protection for plans. (Read more in Services | Territory Protection).
We are also thinking about the possibility of offering exclusive sales. As of now, we can only answer your questions regarding exclusive sales on an individual basis.

What is Territory Protection?

You can purchase a construction ban of a certain project for a defined radius around your construction site.
The costs for this location-dependent exclusive right depend on the desired radius of the protected territory.

Have the homes already been built?

At first, all the houses arriving at B(u)B are the BEST ones, (un)BUILT.
Of course this changes later on. We are excited to see all these special and great plans put into reality soon.

Why have the houses not been built?

Due to various reasons. Mostly out of personal reasons related to the client, from job offers abroad to separations.

Are the B(u)B plans sold multiple times?

Yes. That’s why we can offer the planning for a low price.

What sizes are the homes?

The size of our houses varies from 45sqm up to 300sqm, net area.

Can I visit built B(u)B homes?

Contact us directly with your request. If the clients agree to your visit, we will gladly provide you with their contact info.

Who are the architects at B(u)B?

On the one hand, award-winning international architectural offices. On the other hand, we are proud to feature designs of newcomers with high potential, as we believe.

Can I get to know the architects?

Through our project videos we introduce the architect and give you an idea about the person behind the design of your home. Furthermore, we will organise local events (for now in Austria only) where you can meet the architects in an intimate setting. 

Can I contact the author (architect) of a project directly?

Direct contacting is not intended. All participating architects have handed over coordination and supervision of their projects to B(u)B. In case you are impressed by the work of a specifc architect, but the projects shown do not meet your needs, we gladly help you to get in touch with the particular architect.

Who are B(u)B‘s Partners and who are the partner builders?

As applied in the selection of our architects, our partners also present an individual combination of established and well-known companies as well as great and talented newcomers.
Benefit from our network to realise your project in an optimal way!
Among all our partners we highlight our builders, because they are more than simple partners, they are our local representatives throughout Austria.
The builder presents our designs to you and takes over as soon as we generated your plans.
Most of our builders act as main contractor and can so offer your home turn-key.

How do I order a product?

You can order online by filling out our order sheet or simply write us an email. The order sheet is attached to each project within our product boxes.

How do I pay for a product?

Our products are paid in advance by bank transfer. 

Shipping of products?

Shipping modalities depend on the specific product, either via email and/or via postal mailing. Details are listed with every product.

Shipping costs?

If shipping costs are incurred, it is listed on your bill/acceptance of order. Standard shipping is complimentary in Austria. There are additional shipping costs for our model houses. Store pick-up is available.

Can I cancel products already ordered?

You can cancel an order in writing within 14 days of ordering (at no cost) if the B(u)B production has not yet commenced.
This applies if your payment has not yet shown up in our bank account. Typically, we start production the moment that payment has been received. In case we have already received your payment, meaning that we have started with your project, we charge a cancellation fee as follows:
Within 1 work day after receipt of the payment: 10% of the purchase price
Within 3 work days after receipt of the payment: 50% of the purchase price
Within 4 work days after receipt of the payment: 80% of the purchase price
From the 5th work day onwards we cannot cancel the order, as your product is most likely already ready for shipping.

Can I change products already received?

Unfortunately not – the value of mental output and creative potential is very high with our products.
That’s why we cannot offer product exchanges. Exception: INSPECTION PLAN PRINT, Product nr. A|04 This product helps clarify what kind of adaptations the project will require for you.
Therefore, the total sales price of this product will be credited when buying Product nr. A|05 PLANNING PERMISSION PLAN of the same project. You will then just pay the balance between these two products.

How do I know if the project can be built on my property?

We gladly advise you. (View more in Services) Nevertheless, we suggest involving an architect/builder on-site as early as possible.

Can I build my home with the architects who did the design?

You can request a cost estimate within the product-boxes attached to every project. It can be uneconomic to build with the architect of your choice, if the architect’s office is located too far from your building site. All of this will be determined within the cost estimate.

A house matches my wishes, but I need a few adaptations?

That’s not a problem.
Plans can be adapted/individualised by us. You can also contact an architect/builder of your choice to make these adaptations for you. (View more in Services)

Do all projects match my construction site?

Initially no, because all projects have been designed by an architect for a specific situation.
But we can adapt the plans for your site.

Who does the adaptations of my plans?

Your choice:
1. B(u)B does the adaptations
2. The architect who did the original design does the adaptations and guides your project during the construction phase
3. An architect or builder you choose does the adaptations. (View more in Services).

What building guidelines are the B(u)B plans based on?

B(u)B adapts all plans according to the most recent version of OIB guidelines (Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering).

Can B(u)B projects be built in Austria only?

No, with adequate adaptations, our projects can be built world-wide.

How do I build a B(u)B house?

Delve into our plan gallery and find out what you are looking for. Questions? Contact us and get in touch with your local architect or builder.
Either you order a set of blueprints of your dream home, product nr. A|04 INSPECTION PLAN PRINT and check feasibility and necessary adaptations yourself. Or you order our feasibility study – that gives you information about operability of the house on your site and all incidental adaptations. We charge a lump sum of 300 Euro excl. VAT for the study. Already involve the builder or architect, who will build your home.
Now you either order the customised PLANNING PERMISSION PLAN. Or you buy just the pure planning permission plan and instruct your local builder or architect to execute the adaptaions.
Benefit from our free cost estimates to evaluate additional miscellaneous costs.
Apply for a building permission license at your local building authority.
Benefit from our B(u)B partners.

How much does it cost to build my house?

We provide you with rough cost estimates for each project. And we explain what is included and excluded. These cost estimates present a guidance value.
The actual construction costs depend on the site, realisation standards and choice of materials, as well as individual adaptations.

How does B(u)B support me in building my house?

With our B(u)B partner network.
Here you will find builders, companies and professionals, who will support you.

What is the planning permission process?

In order to start building your home, you need to receive a planning permission license from your local building authorities.
Contact your local building authorities at an early stage to find out which documents you will need and which building regulations affect your construction site.
Obtaining this data is also helpful for your successful search with us. 

What is a planning permission plan?

A planning permission plan is a large-sized architectural plan, scale 1:100. This plan typically includes: Header | site plan scale 1:200 | floorplans, sections, elevations scale 1:100 | list of components (description of all basic building components).
(This information is valid for Austria.)

Who operates my planning permission?

As builder-owner, you are responsible for overseeing the process, unless you hired another person to do this for you.
You will need several documents (in addition to the architectural plan), your building authorities will advise you.
The person (B(u)B, architect, builder...) who did the adaptations of your plan, is called the ‘official author of plans’ and will confirm this on the plan.
(This information is valid for Austria.)

Do I get all documents required for planning permission from B(u)B?

B(u)B exclusively provides documents/plans related to architecture.
We can also provide you with structural analyses and building physics documents. (View more in Services)

Who is ‘the official author’ of my plans?

The person who did the adaptations of your plans is ‘the official author’ of plans. This person is a professional (architect or builder) and has to have the legal authorisation to act as ‘an official author’ of plans.
He confirms that the plan meets the legal building regulations (location-dependent) and the technical accuracy.
(This information is valid for Austria.)

Planning permission is done – what’s next?

Now the construction phase starts.
If you don’t have a professional (architect/builder) at your side by now, it is essential to hire someone now. This person will advise you from now on.

Who supervises my construction site?

In order to build your house in a professional way, you will need an architect or builder to operate construction plans and manage site supervision. This person saves time and nerves.

Can I hire the planning architects to build my home?

Yes, that is a very good idea.
We contact the architect in question to find out about his/her capacity to continue with your project.

How can one continue working with B(u)B plans?

By buying Product nr. A|05 PLANNING PERMISSION PLAN you have received a digital, editable AUTOCAD file of your project.
The architect or builder of your choice can continue working with this file without any difficulty.