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3D model concept
3D model concept
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3D model concept
3D model concept
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Area net: 61 to 180m | Plot: Predominantly flat | Floors: One floor | Characteristics: Classic + elegant


Amount of floors: 1

Built-up area 216 m² (plus 75 m² Secondary Building)

Building Area Net total: 173 m²
Building Area Gros total: 217 m²

Project detail

This home connects interior and exterior space to a spacious living environment with pool area in the most elegant way.
Living on just one level and at the same time this design offers spaciousness and pure luxury.
The fan-shaped floorplan creates a clear definition of living areas and functions. The living room is extended to the exterior on both sides.
On one side through the outdoor pool area and on the other side through a spacious terrace. Both sides provide a large scale glazed façade.
A corridor, arranged along the covered courtyard, connects the intimate bedroom area with the remaining living areas. A guestroom completes the generously available space.
The wide platform roof, that could be as well a green roof, links the residential building with the secondary building to one large shape.

Level 00:
Entrance | Guest Toilet |Kitchen Dining | Living | 3 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms with toilet | Guestroom |Outdoor Pool
Secondary Building:
Storage and Secondary Rooms | Garage | Garbage area

Planned location: Styria | AUT


Chalabi Architekten & Partner


Floorplan level 00
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Top view
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Longitudinal section 01
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Front elevation
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