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Area net: 251 to 300m | Plot: Sloped | Floors: Two floors | Characteristics: Young + wild


Amount of floors: 3

Built-up area 250 m²

Building Area Net total: 328 m²
Building Area Gros total: 420 m²

Project detail

Bellevue has been designed for a sloped site. Depending on the grading of the site some viewpoints will offer not more than a glimpse of the funnel-shaped entrance level. Through integration of the green roofs with landscape a mystic and “nearly invisible” home is created.

This home offers exceptional details and features especially for kids such as a slide in-between the levels, wide corridors and spacious living areas invite to play and run. Circulation starts from level 01, the entrance level with attached parking.
The main living level is on 00 and this is where Bellevue fulfils all one’s wishes: Spacious living and family areas, large scale glazing, terrace and the accessible greenroof, smaller and cosy areas offering privacy, lots of storage possibilities and a secondary entrance to the garden.
Level -01 is hosting privacy and fun: a large living play room attached to a courtyard and all bedrooms and sanitary units are positioned here. Underground plant and storage rooms are rounding off the generous space program.

Level -01:
Bedrooms | Bathrooms and toilets | Plant rooms and storage | Living playing
Level 00:
Entrance from garden | Kitchen Dining Living | Guest Office | Sanitary
Level 01:
Entrance and staircase

Planned location: Carinthia | AUT


christian wittmeir architektur


Floorplan level -01
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Floorplan level 00
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Top view
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Section 1 - 1
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